REAL PETG 3D Printer Filament – Blue – spool of 1Kg – 2.85mm (REFPETGSBLUE1000MM300)


Παράδοση σε 1 - 3 ημέρες

PETG filament Blue 2.85 mm 1000 g for 3D printers is of superior quality, produced in The Netherlands. Real filaments guarantees that the PETG is high-quality and diameter consistent filament, giving you the best 3D printing experience. PETG is great for beginners and novices alike, as it is easy to print and a sweet balance between printability and strong prints. The base material is very clear, so the neutral version delivers semi-transparent results. Within the Real brand we also have PETG available in translucent colors. As the print temperature is higher, the temperature resistance of the print is higher than other materials. If you experience (much) stringing, it is recommended to try a higher temperature.

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