BEST Σταθμός ζεστού αέρα BST-863, 1200W, touch screen


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BEST Σταθμός ζεστού αέρα BST-863, 1200W, touch screen

-This hot air rework station uses heating device to warm up air which can be used to weld.
-With 3 memory channels : CH1, CH2 and CH3, after setting the temperature, airflow and time, it can be easily switched according to your needs.
-Equipped with magnetic sensor, as long as holding the handle, the machine can quickly work. When handle put in frame, the machine will cool down to 100? and enter standby mode.
-With auto sleep function, can set up while sleep status.
-Sensors closed loop, Zero-crossing triggering microcomputer temperature control, LCD
touch screen. Warming up quickly, accurate and stable temperature control, make it real lead-free welding.
-Using frequency conversion blower, which has adjustable, large range air flow, can achieve a variety of purposes.
-Auto air cooling function makes the machine more durable and long-lasting

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά:
Usage:Welding, desoldering station
Temperature control:100?~550?
Temperature Accuracy:±1? (Static)
Air Volume Range:1~100 level

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